Dec 092010

Online Educa Berlin is a global e-learning conference covering some of the subject areas I’ve been working with over the last few years. OEB10 was big – 2197 learning and training professionals from 108 countries and 85 parallel sessions. Amplification basics: Twitter/other chat: OEB10 account, used #oeb10 hashtag, but #oeb2010 was also used and caused some [...]

Dec 062010

Update, 31 Dec 2013: on the one hand, some decent stuff from two TEDs on cities, on the other, a stonking critique in the Guardian (rebutted). Update, 30 Sep 2013: as #notforme as ever, but interesting reflections on this year’s love-in from @julochka and host @rankenberg; aggregation by Conferize (happy to see you don’t seem to need to log in [...]

Dec 062010
The evolution of the blogger

I do like how easy it is to get up and running with Posterous, but I am hitting its limits and it does look dull, even for someone as words focused as me. So here’s a little something to cheer it up. As Don’t waste your time comments: The future could be the micro-blogger,…our activity [...]