Dec 162010
Content curation is going to be huge...

Update, 25 January 2011: Curation is the new search is the new curation points out that last time round curation was done by experts (Yahoo, information gateways) and now it is done by the crowd. Just getting up to speed with curation. Reaction much the same as to content strategy – it’s a new name for [...]

Dec 092010

Online Educa Berlin is a global e-learning conference covering some of the subject areas I’ve been working with over the last few years. OEB10 was big – 2197 learning and training professionals from 108 countries and 85 parallel sessions. Amplification basics: Twitter/other chat: OEB10 account, used #oeb10 hashtag, but #oeb2010 was also used and caused some [...]

Dec 062010

Update, 31 Dec 2013: on the one hand, some decent stuff from two TEDs on cities, on the other, a stonking critique in the Guardian (rebutted). Update, 30 Sep 2013: as #notforme as ever, but interesting reflections on this year’s love-in from @julochka and host @rankenberg; aggregation by Conferize (happy to see you don’t seem to need to log in [...]

Dec 062010
The evolution of the blogger

I do like how easy it is to get up and running with Posterous, but I am hitting its limits and it does look dull, even for someone as words focused as me. So here’s a little something to cheer it up. As Don’t waste your time comments: The future could be the micro-blogger,…our activity [...]