Jan 312011

This post finally published on 18 February. Will try to turn over a new leaf now – although at the last count I have three more drafts on the go. Hopeless. Since getting back from Japan on 11 January¬†I have dropped in on four events – and one of them even physically!¬†Here’s a quick roundup. […]

Jan 182011

Neat summary of why content needs metadata if you actually want to do anything useful with it. Your metadata doesn’t have to conform to a strict standard – the fields you need can be included in a content inventory, for example. Amplify’d from www.cmswire.com To put it simply, Metadata is a set of fields and […]

Jan 172011
Anglo-EU translation guide

Some nice BrE subtleties here – perhaps helpful too for conflict shy Danes? This flashed past on Twitter and I missed the source. Googling reveals it was also quoted at Kommunikation og Sprog’s No English, no job event in December. Any pointers to the original source anywhere? Amplify’d from www.rlyl.com See more at www.rlyl.com See […]