Apr 272011

I first started blogging four years ago, a short lived attempt on WordPress.com put on hold due to a year dominated by family illness and then work in a Web 1.0 environment. In the interim I did some scrapbooking/klogging on Tumblr, a personal record of my journey getting to grips with the differences between Danish and British culture, but […]

Apr 142011

This ties in with the real time obsession – all these new tools are not necessarily the answer for those with information OCD. Amplify’d from www.guardian.co.uk You feel as deluged as ever. But the techno-pessimist Nicholas Carr recently made a striking suggestion as to why this might be: not because the filters are no good, […]

Apr 132011

Still struggling with the Twitter fire hose – liking the reality check here. Amplify’d from climbtothestars.org A year and a bit ago, the theme of LeWeb’09 in Paris was “Real-Time Web”, and indeed, everybody was a-buzz with everything real-time. So much so that I had to give that year’s official bloggers a little wake-up call […]