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Update, 26 October 2013: looks like the Open Knowledge Foundation’s TimeMapper is the tool du jour…see the Open Education Working Group’s timeline.

Update, 26 April 2012: other timeline tools are available, including Danish startup Memolane, Timeglider and Timekiwi (see the review). Lots of articles about TimelineJS (Mashable | | The Event Amplifier | mashup from MASHe), which compare it to Storify, not sure why. Doesn’t have a drag n drop interface (fine by me, Storify’s is pretty unusable)  but does offer a Google Spreadsheet template, which looks easy enough, and a WordPress plugin (how to use). Mind you, with the arrival of the Facebook Timeline I have to say I’m a bit off the whole idea…

Dipity is a timeline creation tool. I’m interested in how to make things more visual, so I’ve been taking a look.

You can include a wide range of media types as events in a timeline, including RSS feeds and Twitter usernames (but not tags). Put the two together and you get a timeline of your activity:

Next step is to look at timelining the outputs from an event, to get a more visual feel for the event lifecyle.

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