Sep 152011

Update, April 2012: AssociCom makes some good points about extending the lifecycle of a conference using blended learning, while Jenny Mackness looks at what makes participation at a blended event work. Event Camp Europe (Eventbrite | website) on 9 September was presented as an opportunity for event professionals to “learn about hybrid events through actual experience”.  A [...]

Sep 132011

Update, December 2011: the final report from UKOLN’s evidence, impact and metrics work has now been published. This includes a summary of blog posts and a framework for metrics. Hybrid events, aimed equally at both face to face and remote participation, can be challenging. With the need to balance several audiences the event architecture can become quite complex. The UKOLN workshop on metrics [...]

Sep 122011
Making a word cloud: Wordle

Updates: July 2014 – word clouds, or maybe even wordclouds, are still with us, and making a little more sense in the big world of data. See Suprageography’s London Words, preparatory work for a Big Data and Urban Informatics workshop in Chicago. Gosh! Sep 2014: calligrams are back! Word clouds, who needs them.  I’ve previously considered them [...]

Sep 062011
Real world accessibility

I have blogged before about my multimedia intolerance, but the boyish banter of Boagworld has gradually wormed its way into my life. Season 2 is documenting the redevelopment of the Boagworld site itself, giving an idea of how developers and agencies work as well as demonstrating on the range of skills required. Useful stuff. The latest [...]