Nov 302011

I’ve recently been commissioned to develop a community/network for an academic subject association, so I’m reviewing the latest on building and managing communities – what has changed in the last couple of years, now social media has really taken hold? It seems there is currently some confusion around the role of a community manager. First, a […]

Nov 212011

One way of looking at a conference is as a community, gathering together at one location around the event programme. In the case of an annual conference, this community can develop over a period of years, gaining new members and shifting in focus. The use of socal media, in particular Twitter, makes these event communities more visible. I’ve […]

Nov 172011

More… SAMO© homepages and a WhatUsersDo panel on offers reactions to a funky new design There’s a couple of fashions in web design that are really beginning to get my goat. Every website is starting to look exactly the same – get some originality, folkens! I use a netbook so frequently have to scroll past banner adage […]

Nov 072011

Just one link this week, pulling some threads together. I’ve been tracking events on Twitter but have scaled back radically due to noise. I’ve been pruning my Twitter follows but subscribing to more blogs. Instead of scanning everything I’m trying to read more. Your conference content is cheap! is a post about the need for meaning. It’s really easy […]