Dec 212011
#vandr: the webinar experience

Updates and postscripts: Visitors and Residents is a concept which just won’t go away – see the foot of the post. And, Jakob Nielsen debunks teenagers as digital natives (Feb 2013). On 9 December I tuned into the #vandr webinar, presenting findings from the JISC/OCLC Visitors and Residents project. To get the most out of a webinar, or [...]

Dec 192011

Since I’ve been on Twitter as well as tracking events I’ve been tracking several Twitter chats, usually flagged up by someone in my stream. Twitter chats can be defined as pre-organised times to tweet on pre-organised hashtags, and are a good way of expanding your network as well as honing your Twitter skills. A Twitter chat Google spreadsheet exists, [...]

Dec 082011
#headstartdk: a quick and dirty event report

Latest, 14 Dec: videos now added; 9 Dec: see Headstart’s event report, which would have worked well as a Storify, embedding slides. choice tweets etc Aarhus based new media network Headstart held a morning seminar on social media trends for 2012 on 7 December. Two sets of speakers’ slides were posted in the afternoon, and the third is now [...]

Dec 082011
Twitter at events: network diagrams

Can you guess what it is yet? Below are nine diagrams showing how people tweeting the hashtags for recent events are connected. Simply screenshots taken the day after the event in question from Friendviz – rough and ready, but the idea is just to see what different sorts of networks look like. (Note: a Friendviz search is limited [...]

Dec 022011

#fredagsbog (#fridayreads in English speaking countries) is not so much a chat as a meme, with people sending a tweet about what they are reading. In Denmark it is efficiently managed by publisher Gyldendal, who send out prizes and run ISBN Bingo. The Danish version has had a lot of positive media coverage – an article in K Forum on [...]