Jan 272012

Update, 11 March 2013: #ukgc13, postponed due to #uksnow, took place on 9 March. Some experimental liveblogging went on, but still sounds like a be there or it’s gone type of event. Which is OK – it’s a lively community, so the debate has probably moved on already. UK Govcamp 2012 took place on 20-21 January. [...]

Jan 232012

I’m updating myself in the broad ‘communities’ area as part of some background work for an upcoming job and have set up a communities Twitter list. Two hashtags keep popping up, so it’s time to take a closer look. #assnchat and #cmgrchat are hugely popular US based chats not best timed for me to participate. [...]

Jan 142012

I struggle with Twitter, or at least with my @annindk account. I can use it in a task driven way, for example around events, but I seldom feel moved to tweet. Why is this? Is it because I am inherently anti-social, or because I lack a tribe? There are lessons from community management here. As Richard Millington [...]