Jan 232012

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I’m updating myself in the broad ‘communities’ area as part of some background work for an upcoming job and have set up a communities Twitter list. Two hashtags keep popping up, so it’s time to take a closer look.

#assnchat and #cmgrchat are hugely popular US based chats not best timed for me to participate. But are there ways of getting at least the gist of the discussions?

Last week I downloaded tweets for both chats using Searchhash and scanned them in a spreadsheet, but at 250+ and 800+ tweets respectively during the hour it’s not really feasible to follow a chat in this way. Alternatives for grabbing a whole chat include Chirpstory, which is slightly more readable but does not offer a download, and Martin Hawksey’s Google spreadsheet solution.

Next I set up both hashtags in Paper.li and The Tweeted Times, to see if extracting links from the stream would provide any insights into the chat. Both services have a ‘daily paper’ metaphor, which might make this approach feasible, however chats are not so much about the links, and the results were pretty unsatisfactory. Mind you, both hashtags are used throughout the week so they provide a fairly good source of links in their own right.

So I drew a blank on automated tools. Could curation offer a better way in? As it happens I have unearthed curations for both chats, which do the job just fine. Another reason to say Happy Community Manager Appreciation Day!


Chat aimed at people who work in associations, overlap with #eventprofs.  Takes place on Tuesdays at 2pm EST (19:00 in Denmark).


Chat run by The Community Manager. Takes places on Wednesdays at 2pm EST (19:00 in Denmark).

  • #CmgrChat archive includes digests, although these typically take a while to appear (maybe because they look to be copied and pasted) and don’t have much added value – see The role of the community manager from 11 January, added 1 February
  • @TheCMgr is the home for the chat and also tweets resource for news, analysis, reports and other information for community managers

Postscript, 26 Jan:  The Community Manager has blogged about #cmad statistics – they use Hashtracking to monitor activity around #CmgrChat. Like me she has issues around what it all means, beyond the wow! factor.

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