Feb 142012

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The Virtual Community Summit 2012 on 9 February was the first conference organised by e-mint. It was streamed live and a webcast is available (update, 15 March: videos too), but I haven’t had a chance to check in yet or do much of my usual tracking. One useful link so far though is a report from eModeration, a community of community folk.

What I did do was set up a Google spreadsheet to archive the #vircomm12 tweets. For those new to this, since the demise of TwapperKeeper the higher education community has been working with a set of tools to take Twitter archiving a step further. My own personal jury is out on how useful a full archive is, but if the tools exist to archive the data, why not, and some potentially useful metrics can be extracted along with some funky social network analysis. Basically, it’s still early days for this stuff.

Here are some links on what it’s all about:

I’m hoping to have a closer look at the #vircomm12 archive, but it’s time to share and the dogs are clamouring for their walk, so here’s the link to the Google spreadsheet: #vircomm12 archive. I’m aiming to update this post in due course…


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