May 212012

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When there’s a lot of coverage about an event it’s tempting to resort to a list of links and leave the rest to the reader. Are there any ways of automating the list creation process, freeing up some brain time, or of extracting some content to make the list slightly more alluring?

Two posts last week  touched on both of these issues:

Most of these solutions call for a level of metadata literacy : O from the bloggers themselves.

Anyway, here’s a list of various blog aggregations/syndications/portals I’ve been collecting, illustrating a range of approaches:

Notice how I can’t resist putting my list of links into alphabetical order…

  2 Responses to “Aggregating blogs: going beyond lists of links”

  1. I can confirm that, at present, Weekly Blog Club is carefully hand-crafted aggregation. People notify that they want their blog included through tweeting the link with the hashtag #weeklyblogclub or mentioning @WeeklyBlogClub.

  2. Thanks for that @WeeklyBlogClub – and I think with your summary you can call it curation : P

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