Jun 062012

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Update, 15 June: Jenni Carr is adding some posts about the conference on the HEA’s Social sciences blog, extending the event lifecycle. She asks: “So, lots of people talking, but was anybody listening?”, an issue which does concern me! More work on the social network analysis side needed, perhaps.

I got another chance to give Martin Hawksey’s TAGS and TAGS Explorer a run-out with #heasocsci, the Higher Education Academy’s social sciences conference on 28-29 May. Also did some Storifys, obvs…giving a picture of the event through a social media lens.

Metrics for #heasocsci

The 518 #heasocsci tweets are listed on the archive sheet of the published #heasocsci TAGS spreadsheet, while the summary and dashboard sheets give basic metrics – list of tweeters, totals for re/tweets, links , volume etc:

basic metrics from #heasocsci

From the native file you can also download the whole spreadsheet or individual sheets in a range of formats, including PDF. Still need to take a closer look at advanced options though.

I then used TAGSExplorer to visualise the #heasocsci network:

the #heasocsci network

The size of the names and the arrows indicate conversations – click on the nodes (circles) in the interactive version for more information (the tweets, any replies and mentions) and to replay the tweets. For example, clicking on @m_bro’s summary shows that he made 36 tweets during the conference, four of which received replies:

He had 10 connections with other #heasocsci tweeters – click on Replay Tweets to see these connections condensed into 30 seconds, with retweets shown as a dashed blue line), @replies as a solid black line and @mentions as a dashed black line:

replaying tweets with TAGSExplorer

TAGSExplorer also gives lists of top tweeters and conversationalists:

top tweeters at #heasocsci

top conversationalists at #heasocsci

Curating #heasocsci

Two curations done using Storify, one for tweets and resources from the conference (below in space-saving slideshow format, use the link for the standard stream format), and one for post-event tweets, including reflections and evaluation, which I will embed in my next post here! including my own reflections.

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