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Update, 11 July: see Reinventing the law conference for the latest reviews and news of the future of the event.

I’m interested in putting Law Teacher 2.0 under the microscope plus I’ve a fatal interest in legal informatics, so I was pretty interested in how #lawtechcamplondon would shape up.

In the recent #slc webinar on curation the idea was mooted that personal curation doesn’t exist, you can only curate for others. Not so sure about that, at least for curation 2.0 – we cover the event through our own lens, in the same way as people tweet through their own lens. We choose who we follow on Twitter and which blog reports we read, we don’t consume the lot.

This raises issues around who wraps up an event – so far only the participants, plus two remote ‘curators’, have covered #lawtechcamplondon. Eventamp is my particular lens, although to be fair I would remove it if curating on behalf of an organisation.

Two Storifys from me:

As you can see from @richards1000’s list the event is being extensively covered by the lawyerati – probably par for the course given a certain addiction to words. It will be interesting to see how long the buzz lasts.

There were around 1200 tweets during the six plus hours of the event itself, then:

  • Saturday 30 June: 134
  • Sunday 1 July: 90
  • Monday 2 July: 97
  • Tuesday 3 July: 91
  • Wednesday 4 July: 33
  • Thursday 5  July: 95
  • Friday 6 July: 25
  • Saturday 7 July: 4
  • Sunday 8 July: 12
  • Monday 9 July: 37
  • Tuesday 10 July: 18
  • Wednesday 11 July: 10
  • Thursday 12 July: 17
  • Friday 13 July: 5
  • Saturday 14 July: 1
  • Sunday 15 July: 1

Here’s the full archive | statistics | interactive archive for reference.

Strawberryj.am is very handy for extracting new links from a stream. It also displays the number of mentions per link and how many people have shared links (36 people have shared the most recent 10 links as I write). Shame there’s no feed, but there is a widget, which could have been embedded on the event website:

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