Jul 112012

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In my previous post on #lawtechcamplondon I highlighted the continuing post-event buzz. In the week and half since the conference there have been 412 tweets  – see Data and disruption for the full breakdown.

This is interesting, event lifecycle watchers…convos around an event may eventually run their course, but if you look at the post-event tweets you’ll see it’s running off in all sorts of directions. This is the sort of area I hope social network analysis might be able to examine, although of course there are a range of factors at play. If I get a chance I’d like to try out some text mining techniques on the blog posts as well.

New posts include notably Reflections, pushing…, giving some insights into how the event came about and what might come next, and Unconference! Beat poetry and quantitative analysis, illustrating just how different #lawtechcamplondon was from other #legalIT events. Plus the legal press caught up (Law Society Gazette | Solicitors Journal). 

Reflective posts building on the event content include a series by Chris Dale, with the latest published a full 12 days after the conference. For the full set of reviews and resources see @richards1000′s list.

The organisers from the other side of the pond (or two ponds for me!) have now had time to draw breath (posts from Renee Newman KnakeMonica Goyal). Next year’s event will be called Reinvent Law London 2013, with a Dubai event taking place on 10 December (PDF flyer, website will be at http://www.reinventlawdubai.com). The Reinvent Law lab now has some content, and the #reinventlaw tag is up and running – I’ve set up a Twitter archive for future analysis.

But how to take the conference buzz forward in the meantime? @colmmu has proposed continuing the Pecha Kucha style sessions, highlighting LexThink.1 (formerly IgniteLaw) as an example of what could be done. And while you’re waiting for the videos from #lawtechcamplondon you can check out the these ones from the Toronto Lawtechcamp on 12 May. Video from #lawtechcamplondon, including a short taster and the Pecha Kucha sessions, added on YouTube on 16 August.

I’ve really enjoyed digging about in the conference backchannel, and I hope my posts and Storifys have given some new insights into what can be got out of the social media from a conference. If you’d like any advice or help on event curation and amplification just get in touch.

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