Aug 022012

Denmark shuts down in July, but the rest of the world carries on, in fact it was a hectic month.

I’ve set up a second blog to record my explorations into the world of social media research and experiments with WordPress. Danegeld is now running in on Suffusion, and I’m getting more into post formats and series, posting daily on #london2012 plus taking a closer look at #localgov in the UK and Denmark.

On the theme of Law Teacher 2.0, the month was dominated by the fallout from LawTechCamp London – see Reinventing the law conference. I also did a quick roundup of CALIcon 2012 and had a quick shufty at:

A post on #localgovcamp, a roundup of resources from #newsrw plus two shorts on the DREaM network and the enterprise learning community manager complete a haul of published posts.

Useful links corner:

And finally, flagging up a really shiny new thing – Eventifier archives “all your event photos, videos, slides, tweets, conversations and much more” – for the Guardian’s Activate Summit they’ve got 95 pics and 2130 tweets from 507 contributors. Only scrolling on offer, but probably more options for event organisers. This possibly goes some way towards creating an Eventalyser.

Update, 7 August:  a couple of posts on Eventifier – Brian Kelly (UK Web Focus) | Julian Solaris (Event Manager Blog) compares it to Storify, although a “more automated way to organize conversations and media”, and contrasts it with Lanyrd, “where discovery and networking seem to be priorities”. In the comments Epilogger gets a mention, which looks interesting. I’ve tried both out – see Aggregating #oldk in my #london2012 series.

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