Sep 042012

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Looking back on August, I duly completed my post-a-day #london2012 series – already it feels a long time ago.

Much musing on how websites are getting simpler and app like, suited for reading on mobiles and tablets. See One Man & His Blog’s reboot – I do like these ultra simple blog themes but it does assume you know who the author is and it does make your site a stream rather than a resource (see below for a list of articles on this issue). I was patting myself on the back for shifting to Suffusion and trying out Twenty Twelve the day it came out, but maybe I should have stuck with Posterous after all?

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read is  a nice example of concise presentation, but it’s not for everything – other ways of writing and creating/curating digital content include the lovely long form. See also Mark Braggins’ exploration of mind maps as a way of presenting content.

Several new event management tools turned up – dashboards Epilogger and Eventifier, plus Conferize, a Danish start-up, is now live. At this stage it’s not quite clear what it offers above and beyond Lanyrd, although it will host your stream and has a focus on remote attendance. There are quite a few DK start-ups in the event space – see also Gignal (and Gignalism), which seems to be more an at the event thing, and Billetto.

On the same lines, what use is a hashtag archive eh? @hawksey has been looking at surfacing tweets that get most ‘reaction’, ie RTs, faves, replies. He’s applied this to #moocmooc, which I had a quick look at but moved quickly on – it sounded great – if hard graft – though from Sheila McNeill’s series of posts. Anyway, looking at the issue of analytics, Martin’s latest tool is a Searchable Twitter Archive, a handy addition to the set.

Nice links:

Articles on Web publishing (TL;DR):

The title this month refers to my blindspot on roundup/round-up as my approved spelling. It’s the same with wordcloud/word cloud. Worrying.

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