Jun 272013
How open (or connected) do I want to be?

From CLL webinar (most Sue Becks): balancing act between closed (safe, private) and open (risk, sharing, learning) don’t buy this, see Pat Lockley tweet four types of media: traditional (print and broadcast – THE), owned (brand or company website – uni/dept site, ), hybrid/tradigital (web versions of traditional, blogs – Academy, Gdn HE network, JISCmail), social […]

Apr 142013

Haven’t done a plain links post for ages. I’m trying to get away from lists, but perhaps a few annotated links can be a good way of tracking current interests. Or a nice Sunday displacement activity. Events…many are still completely unamplified or curated, but for this seminar on the power of social media to support […]

Dec 282012

Just discovered that I’ve written somewhere in the region of 30K words on this blog alone this year –  isn’t that a novel? Anyway, what can I do with that volume of text? A problem with blogs, tag clouds notwithstanding, is that chronological layout. While some of my older posts can stay hidden, there’s stuff […]

Nov 022012
October roundup: the little things

Busy! Four new posts on this blog in October – reviews of (Danish) events on news filtering and open data, plus an update on my relationship with video, with links to advice for event organisers. The final post introduces my second MOOC – weekly updates on progress on  #dataviz and #sna on my CPD blog, together with a post on quantitative methods […]

Sep 042012

Looking back on August, I duly completed my post-a-day #london2012 series – already it feels a long time ago. Much musing on how websites are getting simpler and app like, suited for reading on mobiles and tablets. See One Man & His Blog’s reboot – I do like these ultra simple blog themes but it does assume […]

Jul 252012
#localgov: comparing the UK and Denmark

Update, 22 March 2013: the new Hvidovre website is here – I’m pretty underwhelmed. Looks optimised for mobile. Clearly a lot better than it was, but so dull. Plus no mention of social media at all, or reason to come back. See the list of subsites for a prime example of the utilitarian approach. Velkommen til et nyt […]

May 242011
The event lifecycle

Events have a distinct lifecycle. made up of three stages. And it’s not all about Twitter. Socious discuss what this means in terms of engagement, including some interesting statistics from a recent conference. This showed a 96% drop in tweets after the conference – hardly surprising, but reflecting a lack of post-event conversation. After a […]

Apr 272011

I first started blogging four years ago, a short lived attempt on WordPress.com put on hold due to a year dominated by family illness and then work in a Web 1.0 environment. In the interim I did some scrapbooking/klogging on Tumblr, a personal record of my journey getting to grips with the differences between Danish and British culture, but […]