Dec 172014

Engage 2014 (#engage_2014), the annual conference of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (@NCCPE), took place in Bristol from 3-4 December with the theme of Captivating ideas, places, people…unlocking the potential of curiosity driven engagement. In plain English then, exploring how universities can “bring learning to life” and play a more active role in stimulating dialogue and debate. What […]

Jul 192014

Two old favourites up this week. Despite the jiggery pokery around UKOLN, our old friend IWMW was back, as we surely knew it would be. Brian Kelly still at the helm, now supported by Cetis and Netskills. The conference has mutated, but contrary to expectations it’s gone old school. A shiny new website, but no streaming, no […]

Sep 202013

ALT-C 2013, with the theme of building new cultures of learning, took place in Nottingham from 10-12 September. See my reflections on ALT-Cs from 2010 | 2011 | 2012. In previous years Crowdvine has been used as a conference network, but on the basis that people are already active on assorted networks and don’t need another this year @mhawsksey was […]

Jan 302013

The LLAS e-learning symposium took place on 24-25 January in (crucially) Southampton, with around 100 participants: keynotes livestreamed (gah needs Silverlight) –  the recordings for Friday will be worth a look @LLASCentre tends to broadcast, but there’s an @elearnLLAS account, good plan, supported by Soton’s student digital champions #elearnLLAS – 374 tweets on 24 Jan, 407 on 25 Jan, with […]

Nov 022012
October roundup: the little things

Busy! Four new posts on this blog in October – reviews of (Danish) events on news filtering and open data, plus an update on my relationship with video, with links to advice for event organisers. The final post introduces my second MOOC – weekly updates on progress on  #dataviz and #sna on my CPD blog, together with a post on quantitative methods […]

Jul 302012

Update, 18 Dec: papers now available #pleconf has popped up in my stream for a couple of years now, so I thought it was time to find out what it was all about. PLE Conference 2012 took place from 11-13 July in Aveiro and Melbourne, which sounds challenging! It aimed to flip the conference – music to my ears, […]

Jun 102012

Notable event happenings in May, a pretty eclectic bunch… MailCamp, on 17 May, part of the UKGovCamp stable, is notable for using Storify for live coverage. This works quite well, especially with a mix of media (tweets, slides, images), although I prefer my wrap-ups to be a bit less linear. The 2011 wrap-up included an […]