Dec 022014

From the Open University’s Innovating Learning 2014: social learning – not just MOOCs; exploit the ‘network effect’, ie the value of a networked experience increases as more people make use of it, by engaging people in discussions and the creation of shared projects, so together they share experience and build on their previous knowledge flipped learning – as a […]

Jan 232014

Update, 24 Jan: Trough of disillusionment time! Or rather: “The MOOCs will keep on coming but the rhetoric will change and they will find a place in the educational eco-system.” See also the Leadership Foundation’s MOOCs: What we have learned, emerging themes and what next?, plus My MOOC hype cycle (PDF), starting from my first MOOC […]

Dec 042013
Capturing the learning experience: footprints of emergence

At #altc 2013 I got a bit more to grips with footprints of emergence (examples), a visualisation technique for learning, which I first encountered on Jenny Mackness’ blog. At first sight it looked a bit onerous but an interesting idea, so I was eager to listen in on the Capturing the learning experience webinars, held on the SCoPE platform on 19 and 26 November. 19 […]

May 292013
Knowledge and social media

What role can social media tools play in the creation of knowledge? Can the interactions themselves generate knowledge? Interesting questions to ponder in relation to MOOCs. edSocial Media looks at dimensions: establish a conversation (one dimension) – chat topic and hashtag on Twitter, Google+ community; one dimensional because once the conversation ends the learning ends […]

May 142013

Reining in interest is sort of going OK, as I have been largely sunk in MOOCery and refining my research interests for a couple of months. Librarians are prone to being generalists, and I often feel envious of people who have a clear focus. Working on sharpening mine a bit more. Related to MOOCs is […]

Jul 102012

The Learning and Skills Group recently held an online conference. While most of the sessions were a bit fringe, I was interested in Jane Hart on using a collaborative platform for learning. Jane set up the Social Learning Centre, whose work touches on some themes of interest. Session links: webinar recording – 45 mins, manageable webinar tour – […]

May 152012
In class: engaging a community

@RichMillington, author of the FeverBee blog and a community management expert, offered a free one week masterclass on community engagement from 7-10 May. The class was run in Lore (formerly Coursekit), a free online course platform/learning management system (LMS) geared at social learning, with daily webinars held in GoTo Webinar. Nearly 350 people signed up. This is my […]

Dec 212011
#vandr: the webinar experience

Updates and postscripts: Visitors and Residents is a concept which just won’t go away – see the foot of the post. And, Jakob Nielsen debunks teenagers as digital natives (Feb 2013). On 9 December I tuned into the #vandr webinar, presenting findings from the JISC/OCLC Visitors and Residents project. To get the most out of a webinar, or […]