Dec 042013
Capturing the learning experience: footprints of emergence

At #altc 2013 I got a bit more to grips with footprints of emergence (examples), a visualisation technique for learning, which I first encountered on Jenny Mackness’ blog. At first sight it looked a bit onerous but an interesting idea, so I was eager to listen in on the Capturing the learning experience webinars, held on the SCoPE platform on 19 and 26 November. 19 [...]

May 292013
Knowledge and social media

What role can social media tools play in the creation of knowledge? Can the interactions themselves generate knowledge? Interesting questions to ponder in relation to MOOCs. edSocial Media looks at dimensions: establish a conversation (one dimension) – chat topic and hashtag on Twitter, Google+ community; one dimensional because once the conversation ends the learning ends [...]

May 142013

Reining in interest is sort of going OK, as I have been largely sunk in MOOCery and refining my research interests for a couple of months. Librarians are prone to being generalists, and I often feel envious of people who have a clear focus. Working on sharpening mine a bit more. Related to MOOCs is [...]

Apr 302013

At the moment I’m registered on #h817open and #acadmooc, but turns out I’m more interested in how the thing works than the content – the MOOC angle seems to get in the way of my actually learning anything. In the latest on MOOC infrastructures, Wordpress is increasingly used in UK based MOOCs – in particular the [...]

Oct 282012

My first MOOC has turned out to be not quite as expected – see #sna posts over on my CPD blog –  but at least that means I’ve a smidgen of time for my second MOOC. Introduction to infographics and data visualisation (needs a #) is hosted by the Knight Center for Journalism in the [...]

Sep 282012

I’ve joined the MOOC (and blogging about it) bandwagon and have signed up for Lada Adamic’s social network analysis course on Coursera, which started on 24 September. I attended an online course on community engagement in May, but this is rather more serious. I’m blogging about the content on my CPD blog – this post looks [...]

Jul 102012

The Learning and Skills Group recently held an online conference. While most of the sessions were a bit fringe, I was interested in Jane Hart on using a collaborative platform for learning. Jane set up the Social Learning Centre, whose work touches on some themes of interest. Session links: webinar recording – 45 mins, manageable webinar tour – [...]