Aug 252014

Much talk of digital offering new forms of interaction between author, work and reader. How was this reflected at three literary events in Denmark last week? Salman Rushdie in town First stop Odense, where Salman received the HC Andersen Litteraturpris 2014. While in Odense he also took in the Centralbibliotek and Syddansk Universitet. On Tuesday he was in convo with Daniel Sandström at […]

Sep 202013

ALT-C 2013, with the theme of building new cultures of learning, took place in Nottingham from 10-12 September. See my reflections on ALT-Cs from 2010 | 2011 | 2012. In previous years Crowdvine has been used as a conference network, but on the basis that people are already active on assorted networks and don’t need another this year @mhawsksey was […]

Jun 062013

As part of my exploration of Reading 2.0 and textual analysis for social media here’s a roundup of readability tests and tools. Test your writing: Drivel Defence (Plain English Campaign) Google reading level filter – using advanced search perform a blank search of a specific website and annotate results with reading levels; the search results […]

May 142013

Reining in interest is sort of going OK, as I have been largely sunk in MOOCery and refining my research interests for a couple of months. Librarians are prone to being generalists, and I often feel envious of people who have a clear focus. Working on sharpening mine a bit more. Related to MOOCs is […]

Dec 272012

Update, 10 Jan: signed off feeds pretty quickly. Found (but didn’t read) a couple of interesting articles in Aeon’s weekly newsletter. WLTC word count/time estimates. Have to take zoom down to 67% for size to feel comfortable. I find reading on a screen (and increasingly at all) hard in that I’m programmed to scan, but […]

Mar 032011

Updates: read Videos as knowledge products for another video-sceptic take (20 May 2011). In defence of video, I’d Rather be Writing makes the point that the more familiar you are with something, the less instruction you need (19 August 2011) . Two tweets popped up in my stream this week on the topic of preferring reading to watching […]