Dec 172014

Engage 2014 (#engage_2014), the annual conference of the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (@NCCPE), took place in Bristol from 3-4 December with the theme of Captivating ideas, places, people…unlocking the potential of curiosity driven engagement. In plain English then, exploring how universities can “bring learning to life” and play a more active role in stimulating dialogue and debate. What […]

Aug 252014

Much talk of digital offering new forms of interaction between author, work and reader. How was this reflected at three literary events in Denmark last week? Salman Rushdie in town First stop Odense, where Salman received the HC Andersen Litteraturpris 2014. While in Odense he also took in the Centralbibliotek and Syddansk Universitet. On Tuesday he was in convo with Daniel Sandström at […]

Jul 192014

Two old favourites up this week. Despite the jiggery pokery around UKOLN, our old friend IWMW was back, as we surely knew it would be. Brian Kelly still at the helm, now supported by Cetis and Netskills. The conference has mutated, but contrary to expectations it’s gone old school. A shiny new website, but no streaming, no […]

Mar 042014
Project #marius and infostorms

Updates: 2 April: story in Berlingske on the research, plus perspectives of the day from Denmark and RoW. The CPH Post, who had their own Marius fool, reported that the Jobindex spoof was pulled at around noon due to complaints, but it still seems to be there…9 April: the Zoo’s comms guy tells his story […]

Nov 082013

VIBES 2013, an annual conference organised by the Øresund Event Center, took place on 7 November. While I’m looking less at eventamp these days I’m a critical friend for the experience economy, so let’s have a look at this one. In 2011 I commented that “VIBES looks likes a big event industry shindig on the Olympics level, but beyond […]

Oct 032013

The OxIS 2013 report, launched on 1 October, contains loads of interesting findings, but two issues particularly caught my eye. Why have some people stopped using the Internet? Most important reason is lack of interest #oiioxis — OII (@oiioxford) October 1, 2013 Social network site use plateaus at 61% of Internet users, according to […]

Sep 202013

ALT-C 2013, with the theme of building new cultures of learning, took place in Nottingham from 10-12 September. See my reflections on ALT-Cs from 2010 | 2011 | 2012. In previous years Crowdvine has been used as a conference network, but on the basis that people are already active on assorted networks and don’t need another this year @mhawsksey was […]

May 292013
Knowledge and social media

What role can social media tools play in the creation of knowledge? Can the interactions themselves generate knowledge? Interesting questions to ponder in relation to MOOCs. edSocial Media looks at dimensions: establish a conversation (one dimension) – chat topic and hashtag on Twitter, Google+ community; one dimensional because once the conversation ends the learning ends […]

Mar 062013

Update, 8 March: report from #DR2 At SMWCPH @fiwa presented the results from his research on the science of virality, looking at what makes a story popular on social media (see also article in Journalisten). The results on Facebook, where the overwhelming majority of Danish #socme action takes place, were dominated by tabloid stories – […]