Mar 042014
Project #marius and infostorms

Updates: 2 April: story in Berlingske on the research, plus perspectives of the day from Denmark and RoW. The CPH Post, who had their own Marius fool, reported that the Jobindex spoof was pulled at around noon due to complaints, but it still seems to be there…9 April: the Zoo’s comms guy tells his story […]

Oct 032013

The OxIS 2013 report, launched on 1 October, contains loads of interesting findings, but two issues particularly caught my eye. Why have some people stopped using the Internet? Most important reason is lack of interest #oiioxis — OII (@oiioxford) October 1, 2013 Social network site use plateaus at 61% of Internet users, according to […]

May 292013
Knowledge and social media

What role can social media tools play in the creation of knowledge? Can the interactions themselves generate knowledge? Interesting questions to ponder in relation to MOOCs. edSocial Media looks at dimensions: establish a conversation (one dimension) – chat topic and hashtag on Twitter, Google+ community; one dimensional because once the conversation ends the learning ends […]

Mar 062013

Update, 8 March: report from #DR2 At SMWCPH @fiwa presented the results from his research on the science of virality, looking at what makes a story popular on social media (see also article in Journalisten). The results on Facebook, where the overwhelming majority of Danish #socme action takes place, were dominated by tabloid stories – […]

Mar 042013

Still too many things on the go – I need to try to rein in my curiosity! Feeding my MOOC habit All was going swimmingly with IVMOOC until we hit a bout of food poisoning and Social Media Week CPH. Passed the mid term with 78%, upgraded for mystic reasons to 83%, and formed myself […]

Feb 282013

Update,1 October: a blog post on TEDxCPH shows that The Danes’ networking habits continue not to go unnoticed. Wondering if mandating networking (you often see it on event programmes) is making things even worse. After #smwcph I pitched an article to the Copenhagen Post – published here on 26 February. They made a few changes to minimise snark […]

Jan 292013

I asked myself this question a couple of weeks ago, and since then I’ve spotted a number of posts on the same topic – either it’s a trend for 2013, or I’ve just started noticing them… As My Year on Twitter shows I struggle with socialising the personal. There are doubtless icebergs of people who don’t feel […]

Dec 252012

I’ve a post in draft on whether social media will run its course and why I don’t participate much. Meanwhile Steven Poole has written about the invasion of the cyber-hustlers, a polemic so perfect I could weep. Favourite quotes: for most of us, disruption is annoying  On Coursera: for a cybertheorist, a brilliant plan to […]

Dec 032012

Still plugging away with my #sna and #dataviz MOOCs, resulting in a total of seven posts during the month. My MOOC experience shall be wrapped up in December. One short post only here, on community management and start-ups. In terms of event watching, I managed to completely miss out on a total of three interesting conferences, […]

Oct 032012

Back hame tae Alba for the first half of September, but still managed to squeeze in reviews of a couple of events in my Law Teacher 2.0 series. #slsbristol led to some musing on the role of the backchannel and how people actually use it – how many #slsbristol tweeters actually monitor the hashtag, I wonder, in particular after the event?