Dec 042013
Capturing the learning experience: footprints of emergence

At #altc 2013 I got a bit more to grips with footprints of emergence (examples), a visualisation technique for learning, which I first encountered on Jenny Mackness’ blog. At first sight it looked a bit onerous but an interesting idea, so I was eager to listen in on the Capturing the learning experience webinars, held on the SCoPE platform on 19 and 26 November. 19 […]

Sep 042012

Looking back on August, I duly completed my post-a-day #london2012 series – already it feels a long time ago. Much musing on how websites are getting simpler and app like, suited for reading on mobiles and tablets. See One Man & His Blog’s reboot – I do like these ultra simple blog themes but it does assume […]

May 152012
In class: engaging a community

@RichMillington, author of the FeverBee blog and a community management expert, offered a free one week masterclass on community engagement from 7-10 May. The class was run in Lore (formerly Coursekit), a free online course platform/learning management system (LMS) geared at social learning, with daily webinars held in GoTo Webinar. Nearly 350 people signed up. This is my […]

Dec 212011
#vandr: the webinar experience

Updates and postscripts: Visitors and Residents is a concept which just won’t go away – see the foot of the post. And, Jakob Nielsen debunks teenagers as digital natives (Feb 2013). On 9 December I tuned into the #vandr webinar, presenting findings from the JISC/OCLC Visitors and Residents project. To get the most out of a webinar, or […]